Tools for Discovery Writers: Momentum

Get the ball rolling on your novel. Think of writing as riding a bike. The first few rotations of the pedals offer a lot of resistance, but when you start developing speed, it’s easier to keep going than stop. Writing’s no different. Developing momentum will help your writing in three distinct ways.

1 – Word Count Relativity

Write 3000 words a day and you’ll write 1,000,000 words a year. That’s more than ten standard 90k novels in 12 months. When I realized this, I wanted to get my million. I set a reminder in my calender to write 3k words a day. At first I struggled. I wrote 3000 words a day for two weeks and then I burnt out. I had nothing more to write. So, I lowered my goal to 2000 and hit that consistently for several months. After the first few months, I upped the word count to 3000 and promptly finished a novella and the first draft of a book.

After writing consistently for several months, 3000 words a day became doable. No longer did it seem like an impossible mountain to climbs because I’d been producing a similar output for many months. Momentum offers a change in perspective; the power and the beauty of relativity. A thousand words a day seems challenging when you’re not writing at all. When you consistently write several thousand words a day, three thousand seems possible. What initally seems impossible becomes doable when you consistently achieve results.

2 – Your Writing Will Improve

Ask any successful writer how to improve and they’ll often say ‘read and write every day.’ There’s really no better catalyst for improvement besides consistent effort and studying experts. Momentum will not only change your outlook on what’s possible, it’ll drastically improve the words you paint on the page.

Of course practice will increase your skill, but there’s also a change in focus. When you don’t have momentum, you focus on just sitting in front of the computer. You’re thinking “I’m finally writing,” and maybe the words aren’t what you want them to be. Everything changes when you sit down every day. Momentum gets behind your fingers and you’re focused on the story because you’re already sitting in front of the keyboard. There’s no clutter in your thoughts about how you’re rusty, and how you’re just forcing yourself to write. You’ve already conquered those demons. Your imagination runs free and the story blossoms into something incredible.

3 – You’ll Finish the Book

Write every day for a few months and you’ll feel like a machine designed to pump out exceptional chapters and realized characters. One moment you’ll be sitting down to set your word count goals. Next you’ll have a finished first draft. Once I developed momentum, I finished my rough draft in three months flat, and that’s with a month break in the middle to write a novella and a couple of short stories. The power of momentum has helped me realize I can comfortably write and edit two books a year. With this new power in my pocket, I changed my goals for 2018:

January – March 2018 : Edit book

April – June 2018: Write rough draft

July – September 2018: Edit book

October – December 2018: Write rough draft

Gaining momentum opened my eyes to what I’m capable of and I’m hoping you’ll reach the same conclusions. With momentum on your side, there’s no limit to your potential. What are your experiences with writing everyday? Do you write ever day, and if not, why not? Drop in the comments and share your experiences, I’d love to hear from you. Follow for more tips and tricks from a daily discovery writer.

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