Why I’m Writing When I’m Sick in Bed

I’m suffering from two unrelated, painful illnesses so my bed will be my office today. Being articulate seems like a challenge so I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. I’ll be writing while ill even if just to make some edits or write a new scene for my romance story.

I put words on the page every day and wear it as a badge of honour. When I stopped procrastinating and committed to writing daily, my writing improved exponentially. I realized that if I ever want to be a professional fiction writer, I need to take a serious approach to wordsmithing. There are so many talented scribes out there and the universe has no time or patience for a writer who doesn’t write.

So writing while I feel like a deflated balloon actually seems easy. Even as my temperature rises and my head pounds, I’ll make progress on the next story. There’s nothing that makes me feel better or gives me a greater sense of satisfaction. I am a writer and writing is what I do, even when I’m sick.

That’s it for today. Happy writing everyone.

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