CampNano Prep

We’re coming up on CampNano friends! April is waiting just beyond the horizon and many writers will be approaching the month as a sprint, myself included. The timing of my 2018 goals lined up with CampNano so I decided to partake. This is my first time taking part in any NaNoWriMo events. I’m intending to write seventy thousand words during April. Here’s what I’m doing to prepare.

I want to preface by saying my story idea is as developed as it needs to be. The idea goes back to 2014 and it’s ready to become a book now, so I’m ahead of the game in that regard. I’ve spent a bunch of time thinking about character, setting, conflict, and overall plot. Otherwise, I’d probably be scrambling to solidify my idea. Having a strong sense of the idea is imperative to my process because I’m going to be discovery writing.

Are you warming up your compositional muscles? I find writing every day is exhausting at first, especially at higher word counts. I’m planning to write three thousand words a day for April, so I wanted to get a few sets in and warn my brain that we’re about to run a marathon. I’m on day five of my 3k a day warm-up and it’s getting easier every day. When I first started writing 3k a day in September, it was incredibly difficult, but in time it gets easier. If you write what you’re planning to write in April before the month change you can hit the desk writing on the first.

I’ll also be taking some time to curate a playlist. Since my idea is all about the horror of excessive hedonism, I’ll be drawing on a very specific brand of music. Electronic party beats, mixed up with horror ambient beats. Dubstep and darkwave. Having a playlist is incredibly important to my process as I’m almost always listening to music when I’m writing. I find music can help cultivate a mood or attitude that I want to convey in the writing.

I also tried something new this time around and made an aesthetic board for the novel. An aesthetic board is just a series of pictures arranged on Pinterest, or on Canva, that expresses some images and moods you’re going to try and convey in your novel. I feel iffy about this aspect so far as I don’t think it’s really aided my process, but some people love making them. Here’s mine:Untitled design (1)

How are you getting ready for CampNano? What are your goals? No matter what, I wish you the best with your project. Happy writing!

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