Book Review: Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames

Step back Sanderson, there’s a rival for the title of ‘most entertaining modern fantasy writer’ and his name is Nicholas Eames. Kings of the Wyld takes everything we know about fantasy fiction and makes fun of it. Nothing is sacred in this hilarious, spell-binding novel of adventure and loyalty, but there’s still an emotional undercurrent of the noblest variety. Friendship, honour, and good deeds reign supreme.

The story follows Clay Cooper, a one-time member of the infamous monster-hunting band Saga, as he embarks on a mission to get the band back together for one last gig. As you might have picked up, the fantasy universe of Kings draws heavily upon rock band culture. In this world, mercenary bands are rock stars, and none were more famous than Clay and his now washed up band. They’re all old now, they have families, and the world has passed them by, but that won’t stop Saga from getting together for one last hurrah. And what a hurrah it is.

The sense of humour in Kings of the Wyld emanates from every page. The prose itself is rich with starkly funny description, analogies, and metaphors. Every character is rich, well-realized, and distinct in their individual humanity.

I read Kings of the Wyld expecting a humourous book. What I didn’t expect is how much it would make me feel. I really, deeply cared about every member of the band and their mission, which I’ll leave out of this review, but it really hit home. Probably because, in a book filled with awesome fantasy elements, the motivations of the characters are so humble and so very relatable.

There are no lulls in this fantasy novel. I can definitely certify this book ‘fat-free’ meaning there’s nothing extraneous. You never know what to expect next, and the book continues to surprise and satisfy, hitting the reader with a series of highly unexpected events and developments. This is a masterfully written novel that will grab hold of you and refuse to let go until you’ve read ‘the end.’ I finished it in two days because I couldn’t stop reading!

Kings of the Wyld will make you gasp, it will make you laugh, and it’ll make you cry. This book is a magnificent achievement in fantasy fiction and a must-read book for anyone who loves a good adventure, especially if they know they’re too old for adventures.

Entertainment: Can’t-put-it-down entertainment.

Originality: Extremely original.

Emotion: I had to fight tears at one point, and at other points, I was laughing so hard my belly hurt.

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