Jacob is afraid of going to work and afraid of being late.

George Gone Into Beauty

George is set to perform at Fraser Valley High’s annual Talent Show in front of thousands of critical fans. A boorish, cruel talent judge attends but George’s harshest critic lives inside of his own head.

God Bless the Jolly Roger

Teenager Nina de Grey challenges her boring suburban life with increasingly destructive methods.

Ugly Songbird

A ladies man wanders into a small town bar, where he meets a happily married woman.

Forty Years of Porcelain

Ryan is a pothead actor. He lands himself a role in a movie he doesn’t remember auditioning for.

Larry the Suburban Worm

Larry is the lone worm in an all vegetable suburb but the little leafs know he’s always good for a cold glass of fertizade.

Mickey and the Birdman. Extinctor #1.

Mickey is hired by Ameritech to kill abominations in a world overrun by nature. The Birdman is his latest assignment.

Mickey and the Land Shark. Extinctor #2.

Mickey travels to Bokan Retahn to hunt a ruthless shark that has adapted to survive on land.

Man in a Box

Heroin addict Jimmy finds himself locked in a storage locker but he’s released by his captor with a strange mission.

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